Smalltown Midwest, USA

Bio: A desi in Amricka. Because she liked to see the world. Hoping to hop over a few more countries before landing back in Des. Firmly in love with India. Yet logically critical of it. Like I am with all I love. My love does not make me blind to their shortcomings. I love not because I don't see the shortcomings; my love is all the more stronger despite seeing the faults. You will see me arguing many topics. Some more light hearted than others. I have deliberately kept my identity blank. Because having talked to so many desis in des and desis in pardes, I have found that my thoughts could be those of pretty much anyone. But not everyone is able to write them out. Not because I'm some awesome scribe. But because the fear of backlash is insanely strong when talking about these things. However, I welcome all comments - as long as they are not employing foul language. I have a particularly low opinion for those that cannot express themselves without using crude language.

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